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Quick Update Regarding Members Area

Previously, if you tried to create an account and had already gone through the process of creating one, you would see only an error telling you that you already have an account.

Because we're already seeing some discrepancies with guild associations (i.e. the system groks you, but one or more of your guild memberships isn't listed), I have added to this screen to show your total guild associations.  So, if you contacted me saying that there is some kind of problem with your guild associations and I told you it was fixed, you can now verify this.

To verify your guild memberships AFTER you have already signed up for an account, simply go through the first step of the account creation process again on the member account homepage, entering your guild, guild ID and last name. Below the error on the next page, it will display your guild associations.  Make sure all's well there, and if it is, you're golden. :)

If you're in the Privateer's Guild and NOT a new recruit (as in, signed up within the past month), please check the Privateers website roster to make sure you're listed, and listed as part of the correct ship.

If something is amiss with either your guild associations OR your IFRP roster info, drop me a note and I'll fix it.

If you're dropping me a note to correct something, please be advised of the following:

1) I won't make updates if only your fairename/nickname for a particular guild is wrong - you'll have the ability to fix that yourself in a day or two.

2) Please be sure to include all important info in your email to me, including your full name, any other names you might have been listed under (maiden names, etc), what guilds you're associated with, and your guild id for each of them. And if you're a Privateer, be sure to mention the name of the ship.

And I also just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who has responded so quickly, creating your accounts. It's only been a few hours, and 40 people have already created accounts, which somehow validates me in its own twisted way :)  I hope the process was easy and painless, and I promise you that we'll make it worth your while :)
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